Tour of Wessex #1 (before)


In a couple of hours I’ll be driving down to Somerton for this weekend’s Tour of Wessex. The weather’s looking OK, I’ve done a decent amount of some training, and I’m looking forward to riding the best roads Somerset has to offer.

Sure, it’s going to be brutal. Check out the routes here. 3 days, 320 miles total – more mileage on successive days than I’ve ever ridden before, and I’m not by any means in tip-top shape. I last rode a sportive in early April. The one consolation is that Jonny has even less form, if last weekend was anything to go by. However, knowing his ability to recover fitness quickly, he’ll no doubt be dropping me around the 85-mile mark, as per usual.

Check my tweets @strangerpixel for news as the event unfolds…

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