Winter Training – The Climb by Garmin


Forwarded to me by Christian, here’s the first LFNP post of 2011.

It’s a beautifully-shot film, and it reminded me of a few things:

  • riding up cols in Europe
  • Rapha’s short season of exquisite movies about riding
  • how I don’t have a Garmin Edge 800
  • how I don’t have a heart-rate monitor at all, ever since my Garmin Forerunner 50 gave up the ghost

Of course, it also made me think about riding in the freezing cold – something I haven’t had to do much of this very mild winter. During last year’s bitterly cold January and February I did precious little riding – although I did experiment with a regular gym routine forĀ 3 months. I mentally rationalised my avoidance of cold-weather riding with a pet theory, the Natural Plan, which basically said that if you didn’t feel like riding, you should listen to your body and hit the couch.

Looking back at 2011, however, I feel I paid for this half-arsed strategy with a sub-par season. After a surprisingly strong showing in the Puncheur, I was ill for much of our week training in Girona, then weaker than I expected to be on The Tour of the North. On the Tour of Wessex I still felt below where I had been at the same point in 2010. There were summer rides when I did feel strong – but never really stellar.

It’s probably unfair to blame all this on a lack of winter base training, because a major factor was just not having the desire mentally. The cold winter just made it easier for me not to ride at the start of the year. In some ways I wanted to get back to just riding, for the pure joy of it.

This year I’ve been out riding however – and hitting Millsy‘s old turbo-trainer. So for sure looking to beat 3.57 in the Puncheur 2012…


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