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The Work Cycle

Cool project. I’ve always wanted to work in one of those offices where people leave their fixies propped up against a wall.

My hack bike is so trashed these days I’d have a hard time getting anyone to agree on it being inside, let alone inside a gallery.

Bertelli track bikes

If you’re into hand-built bikes, or indeed if you’re any kind of two-wheel purist, check out

Francesco Bertelli builds track bikes in New York City, and takes his craft pretty seriously. His bikes have no visible logos or stickers in sight, use lugged steel, leather and wood, and are strictly fixed wheel only – none of your urban pseudo-courier flip-flop nonsense thank you very much. The selection of bikes on the website feature restored vintage componentry from the 1950s to the 80s (sourced from all over the world), alongside hand-crafted bits, and (I assume) brand new bolts, bearings and drivetrain.

The styling on some items is fantastically refined, like the curved wooden handlebar on the Domenica. The description of this particular model reads:

This is the kind of bike you would ride during a bright sunny sunday in the middle of spring, with your newspaper under your arm, heading to you [sic] favorite breakfast bar. or at least this is what we are used to do in Italy.

Unfortunately, that’s pretty far off my customary riding habits – but it’s a nice bike nonetheless.

The Brooks England Blog

A pleasant lunch-time browse.

Check out the Brooks blog, a nicely-designed complement to their main website.

The retro leather-upholstered chap thing is not really my bag (yet?), but Brooks’ skilful marketing of an old-world product in modern times (through creative web publishing) is admirable. – lovely. I like everything about it.

The Ride Journal

The Ride Journal screengrab

The Ride Journal screengrab

Sites like The Ride Journal make me want to redesign this one. Nice work guys.

Cycle Passion - I'm so not into you. - I'm so not into you.

For a company producing calendars and posters of scantily-clad female cyclists, Cycle Passion‘s website certainly did a good job of pouring cold water over my initial excitement. These guys need a redesign bad.

Velodramatic redesign

New Velodramatic home page

New Velodramatic redesign

Sweet new look for Velodramatic to start the new year. Has anyone seen another site showcasing cycling photography of this quality?

Bike shops

Coolest bike shop sign in the world?

Coolest bike shop sign in the world? Photo: RAPHA on Flickr

I’d like to visit Mellow Johnny’s one day. I like bike shops that try to be original, and that raise the bar in terms of design and customer experience. I like walking into a bike shop and being seduced by the stock on display. I like the atmosphere in there to feel like a club of initiates who aren’t snooty towards newcomers or those less knowledgeable.

Best bike shop in London? Possibly¬†Condor. But I haven’t been to all of them. I’m probably not going to. What I may well do, from the comfort of my armchair, is try to find the world’s best bike shop website. I’ve reviewed some before: here’s a review of Condor’s old site – to be honest they still haven’t got it right; and of course there’s this one, the less said about the better.

So what about the criteria?

  • Attractive, coherent visual design
  • Easy navigation, product organisation etc.
  • Features – does the site aspire to be something other than an online flyer saying ‘we sell bikes’?
  • Seduction quality – I want to hit the home page and feel my debit card start to slip out of my wallet

The search begins… suggestions below!

Cycle Heaven

Am I in heaven - or is this the mid-1990s?

Am I in heaven - or is this the mid-1990s?

Wow. It’s still there. Like a time capsule of Victoriana buried in the garden and dug up after generations, I recently stumbled upon for the first time in almost 3 years. (more…)

Project Le Tour

Telekom TT by Brent Humphreys.

Telekom TT by Brent Humphreys.

Project Le Tour by Brent Humphreys is worth a look. There are some fantastic observational shots of the Tour over the last couple of years, which really capture the spirit of the event and the people who watch it. Thanks to Chris for the link.

On a web note, this is an example of a Flash website, which, rather than creating an immersive, fluid experience for the viewer (which I imagine was the aim), actually just forces the viewer to do what the site wants him to do. 

  • The intro is ridiculous. I was frantically clicking to try and escape it and view some actual content.
  • The site forces you to view full screen. Sure, you can ESC to exit but why not just give me the option?
  • Images pop into view from the right hand side. I had to figure out what was going on, it’s not immediately obvious.
  • What do I do if I don’t want to view the images in the order Brent has decided? They aren’t chronological, so how do I quickly flick through, how do I see the whole lot to figure out how many there are, how do I go back and find the one I like at a later date? Er – I can’t.¬†

If you’re going to use Flash – make it useable!