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The Work Cycle

Cool project. I’ve always wanted to work in one of those offices where people leave their fixies propped up against a wall.

My hack bike is so trashed these days I’d have a hard time getting anyone to agree on it being inside, let alone inside a gallery.

Herne Hill for the Velodrome

Designed by Christian Statham.

My friend and former UAL colleague Christian Statham entered his ‘Herne Hill for the Velodrome’ design into TFL’s Outer Limits competition and came second. Seeing as I live not far from Herne Hill now, and I was chuffed about Christian getting his prize, and it’s a cool design, I snapped up a poster print of it late last year.

Christian isn’t quite as much of a bike nut as I am – it seems he has a life – but he’s an excellent designer, a real technician with digital artwork and colour, and aside from that a massive retro buff with a keen eye for curiosities in all genres. Devote a lazy Sunday afternoon to his Colourschool blog, it’s a treasure trove of discerning interest and assorted cultural knick-knacks.

The Cross-Canada Project

Trailer for The Cross Canada Project: Documenting a Bicycle Tour Across Canada. from mike beauchamp on Vimeo.

Another big ride project not dissimilar to this one. Mike Beauchamp rode 7000km across Canada, which is an outrageously long way. His video (which is 1 hour long by the way, the above is just a trailer) makes use of an ingenious wing mount for the camera. Perhaps I’ll be able to catch the full movie at the next Bicycle Film Festival.

Thinking about it, maybe my creaking bike vid is worthy of submission. He who dares wins.

Via the Guardian’s new bike blog.


I’ve recently set up a new fundraising page with Justgiving in advance of La Marmotte. On a serious note, please do head over and drop some coins in the box. Appreciate. 

JustGiving have recently relaunched their website, and if my personal experience is anything to go by, it has been a very painful week for them. Somehow (and coincidentally on the morning after I set up my new fundraising page via the old site), JG rolled out a completely new platform and user interface without, apparently, testing any of it.

Some stuff that went wrong:

  •  The login functions broke, so that when I tried to log in I was redirected to… the login page.
  • My fundraising page went down to be replaced by an ‘oops’ error message.
  • Lots of friends are still complaining they can’t access the page.
  • The flash widget doesn’t work.
  • The badge image link is broken (see the sidebar – I’m leaving it there as a protest).


This is what I get on pretty much every other page on the JG site.

This is what I get on pretty much every other page on the JG site.

Problems aside, I think the redesign looks great – but the implementation really has been disastrous.

Rapha Continental Gallery


A sublime image gallery on the Rapha website.

Republic Bike liked


Any examples of good web design in a cycling context will be posted. Above: Republic Bikes, spotted on Dropular.